You have just opened an account on Instagram , or you did it for some time already and you cannot have a small number of followers that suits you. What to do? Get more followers on Instagram is not an automatic mechanism, true, but it is certainly a mechanism that somehow can be helped. As I will reveal us, with a number of applications, tips and tricksthat can give you a hand to make a difference and to finally get the number of followers you want.


If you do not want to dedicate too much time to “hunt” of followers on your Instagram profile , we suggest that first of all the fastest solutions to get followers. However premise that not always the easiest and fastest solution is the best, and that if you want to have a quality Instagram profile and really followed (ie from real profiles, really interested in what you posted), then it would be best to read the tips and advice we’d suggest later.

If what matters to you is only the numbers of followers, you know that there are many applications that allow you to have several in a short time. For example, you can download 5000 Likes , app which not only enable you to get to like your photos, allowing you to increase the number of people who follow you on Instagram. These followers can be obtained through coins that accumulate following other Instagram users, or putting like their photos. These coins can also be purchased in the store for 5000 Likes.

Very similar application has 1000 followers , whose mechanisms are the same as 5000 Likes and other similar app present in the store. This app, in spite of the previous one, however, you can also get views to their videos posted on Instagram.

A ‘ warning of such applications (to be taken into serious consideration especially if the coins are purchased by paying): often the followers who get disappear .

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This is because users can choose not to follow you or why, since the fake account, could be removed from the platform Instagram. Eye then, especially when disbursed sums of money.


If the application you want to rely on methods certainly less fast and easy, but more effective in the long run safely, know that to get more followers on Instagram you must work and provide attention to this series of tips and tricks .

Among the main tricks to get more followers on Instagram are the following: to go on other users’ profiles (from which you want to be followed) and start putting like their photos and even better to leave comments. It is a method that at least in 50 percent of cases could be successful and make you gain new followers. It is a way to draw attention to your account and to give visibility to photos posted.

Another trick would be to tag the profiles of other users in your photos (paying attention to the fact that your images are in the field or related with people / companies / pages tagged), use hashtag launched by particular profiles (as various igers for example) and to exploit the hashtag intelligently, usandone so popular but also very sectoral and active.

Finally, the main advice: try to make your Instagram profile is the result of a well-defined photographic project (for example, pictures of travel, animals, food, and within these broad categories of micro categories such as dogs, only sweet and etc). If you want someone to follow you, the first question to ask is: why users of Instagram should follow? The answer to this question will allow you to have an interesting profile to follow and so sought after by the followers.

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