8 Best Tips to improve english writing skills online

In today’s post, I’m going to share 10 ways you can start improving your writing skills right now.

  1. Memorisation of lists 

Memorisation of lists is one of the most common ways of learning vocabulary for a test. It’s only a good exercise for short term studying because you often do not retain the information that you have learned for a test. Keep a notebook of new words you learn. Use them in sentences and try to say them at least 3 times when you speak. Do a lesson at least once a day.

  1. Brush Up on the Basics

If you want improve your writing skills then before you can start writing incredible content, you’ll need at least an intermediate understanding of the basic principles of writing. Surround yourself in English. Put yourself in an all English speaking environment where you can learn passively. The best way to learn is through speaking.

  1. Watching TV

Watching TV only gives you the chance to hear something correctly first time. This is better for high level students. It can be great practice for speaking to native English speakers so you don’t have to ask them to repeat themselves!

  1. Using free Online Tools

You can use some of useful tools available on the Internet to improve your English writing skills. There are lots of tools available for the same purpose. Some of most rated tools are like Grammarly, best proofreading tools online, Grammar Giri, WhiteSmoke, and Ginger Software. But I would recommend you to go for any one of these two Grammarly or Whitesmoke.

These two review articles will help you in choosing the best one.


  1. Find a Writing Partner

Talk to your coworkers (or friends) and ask someone if they’d be willing to cast an eye over your work – they may spot mistakes that you overlooked. Finding a writing partner is also a great way to hold yourself accountable and keep going.

  1. Don’t translate into English from your own language

Think in English to improve your fluency. Talk to yourself…but not on the bus otherwise people will think you have gone crazy!

  1. better writer brainstorm

To become a better writer brainstorm as many ideas and thoughts onto paper without worrying about grammar or spelling. Then think about the structure. After that, write your piece using good grammar and spelling. Finally, read it through or give it to someone else to check for mistakes.

  1. Imitate Writers You Admire

Just as you probably have a list of blogs you read often, you’ll likely also read the same writers on a regular basis. Identify what it is you enjoy about their work, and see if you can use it to improve your writing skills. Does a writer you like use humor to spice up dry topics? Try it.


If you work at a reasonably sized company, the chances are pretty good that there is at least one other person who also secretly harbors a desire to become a better writer. Although writing is typically considered a solitary activity, the best writers know when it’s time to get much-needed feedback on their work.

Safety tips while travelling on trains in India

If you are travelling on the train for the first time in India, you need to be vigilant with your journey. There are certain things that you need to take care of. Safety of a person is foremost when it comes to taking off for a journey. However, what if you find at the last moment that the ticket you bought for the train you are about to get on is invalid? Well, this will surely be something annoying. A lot of passengers are left frustrating when they come to know at the last moment that their ticket is not issued. Therefore, you need to check the status of the ticket before you go to the platform. You can do it easily by checking the irctc pnr status.

What is irctc PNR?

There are a number of people that check irctc pnr status in order to enquire about their ticket status. But have you ever wondered that what it is? Well, when you buy the ticket from IRCTC, you get a unique 10 digit number. This unique number is known as the PNR. PNR refers to the Passenger Name Record Locator. It is a number by which you can access your record in the database of IRCTC and check the status of your ticket. Through your PNR, you can have a look at the booking status, the coach number of the train in which you have your seat, the list of passenger and much more.

How to check irctc pnr status?

Now the question is that how one can get to know about the PNR status of his IRCTC ticket? There are different ways of doing it.

The first way is the online method of checking the PNR status. For that, you may like to try the official website of Indian Railways. They provide you authentic information regarding your ticket. However, due to the fact that a lot of people are using the frequently, therefore, the site is pretty slow. Thus, many people avoid using it. They make use of other websites that are available to you online and provide the service of checking PNR status of IRCTC. But beware because the information you get from there may not be authentic.

The second is an offline way of checking the IRCTC PNR status. In this way, you can send an SMS to the dedicated lines of Indian Railway and you will soon receive a message regarding the status of your ticket. Even if you are not willing to send the message, just make a call to the helpline of Indian Railway and follow the instructions to get to know about your PNR detail.


So, these are certain ways by which you can check irctc pnr status. Before you take your car to the platform for your journey, ensure that you confirm the status and your ticket is issued. There are certain scammers sitting around that will provide you with the booking print out and take money from you but will never have your ticket issued!

Regular roof maintenance is a must

The environment and in particular the weather can take a heavy toll on any property with the roof especially coming in for the harshest punishment from the elements. Therefore it is imperative to maintain and ensure that the roof stay protected from damage. This becomes all the more crucial in areas that are close to the sea coast. With regular typhoons, hurricanes and a variety of inclement weather conditions the roof becomes very vulnerable to damage. The excess humidity and moisture can cause permanent damage to the structure of a home and this could furthermore lead to damaged of property within the interiors of a home.

Thankfully there are plenty of professional roof inspection services in Clearwater and in other parts of Florida. The Florida region is especially susceptible to damaged roofs because of the severe weather conditions and excess humidity to be found all year round.

If you are living in this area it is recommended to have your home’s roof inspected by a professional company like Roofex Roofing Contractors Company in Clearwater FL. This will help you save on thousands of dollars on having the roof repaired or even replaced later.

Roof replacement is an expensive and complex task which can cause a great deal of inconvenience to any homeowner and his family. So to prevent any such expensive exercise to be undertaken it is prudent to have a professional roofing expert conduct periodic checks on the condition of the roof. It will also help to ensure that your home is well insulated which will lead to lower utility costs in the long term.

Of course you need to be careful when choosing a roof repair company as there are plenty of them in the market, but all do not offer the same high quality of service. You can ask friends or colleagues for referrals of any company that they have worked with before. Another option is do an online search and shortlist a few companies, from which you could make your final selection. To ensure that the company you choose is top notch you could check with the Better Business Bureau if there are no existing complaints against the company, which have been filed with the bureau. You can also the company you select to furnish previous clients referrals, which you can then contact to determine the quality of work that has been done.

You need to choose a company that has the experience and expertise along with qualified and certified technicians. The company must be licensed with the authorities and should be competitively priced. If they are offering a price that is way below the standard rates the quality of workmanship may not be up to the mark. Having a well and periodically maintained roof is an absolute must, which you can only ignore at your own peril!
Contact the roof repair services in Clearwater and its surrounding experts on 727-804-5053 for a free estimate right now.

Popular exercise workouts for women

Exercise workouts are no longer the sole domain of men. Women have understood that to maintain good health it is necessary to adopt a healthy diet and a fitness regimen. Following an exercise or workout program helps not only physically but also has emotional and mental benefits.
There are numerous workout programs like Les mills Classes, cardio workouts, aerobics etc. some of the most popular exercise workouts for women are as follows:

Yoga: It is out of the most popular forms of exercises both with men and women and has a number of health benefits associated with it. It offers an overall body workout and helps to regulate body functions, while keeping the body flexible and completely healthy. Yoga originated in India and since then has been exported to almost every country in the world. It also helps to shed excess weight and boosts the auto-immune system.

Aerobics: It helps to improve circulation of the blood and can be a high impact workout that integrates cardio intensive exercises. Some of its many forms include dancing, walking, swimming and jogging. The sessions can last anywhere between 20-60 minutes, and is subject to an individual capacity to exercise. It is one workout for women that is highly recommended and helps in the overall removal of body fat.

Pilates: This workout was the brain child of Joseph Pilates. It has proved to be immensely helpful in helping millions of people the world over to tighten and tone all parts of the body. These workouts are mostly between 15-30 minutes, and these can also be done at home as they are available on DVD. The exercise regimen is done on a mat, and is made up of slow and controlled movements. Pilates focuses on the core section of the body and helps strengthen it from inside out.

Zumba: Is one of the newest forms of exercise that has taken the fitness world by storm. It is considered very effective in burning excess pounds and uses a fat burning revolutionary dance workout. It is a Latin dance themed program which is a combination of music and dance steps, which make it great fun to perform. For those who want to do it from the comfort of their home there are DVDs that teach the dance routine. Watching the dance movements is the best way to get a grasp of and then to emulate the movements.

Janine Sobiesky is a fitness enthusiast and takes pride in sharing her knowledge with those who are fellow fitness enthusiasts. For those living in the Clearwater area a great place to exercise and workout is Fitness 360. Check them out at preworkoutmeal.net for further information.

Proper Vendor Management Is Vital For Profitability

The primary objective of any business is to make profits and this can be accomplished in numerous ways. While some businesses rely on sales and marketing of their products, there are others who pay equal attention to value-added services or products, with others limiting overhead costs.

Another key area to consider is that of the vendor management process. One of the biggest advantages a business can have is to have a supplier located within close proximity of the headquarters or manufacturing plant. It helps to slash costs substantially of having to transport raw materials and supplies, especially when the buyer has to foot the bill of procuring the items. Being able to curtail transportation costs offers a great competitive edge for any producer or retailer.

For this proper vendor evaluation and building a strong relationship is essential for a long term profitable relationship. Keeping the vendor satisfied also helps to keep the business profitable. The vendor also can be considered to be a part of the purchaser’s business. In the event of their being a shortfall in supply of materials or production, it can have an adverse impact on the purchaser’s business. In the event the purchaser plans to make changes in a product or its design it is prudent to keep the supplier notified of the forthcoming changes. This would enable the vendor to stay in the loop and provide any additional new materials that might be required by the purchaser. The vendor might even offer a lower price or favourable business terms to retain their relationship with the buyer.

The buyer can also explore the possibility of a merger and acquisition process, if the vendor is open to selling his business at a good price. If any new requirements of the buyer cannot be matched with the supply on offer from a vendor, finding the right replacement at short notice can hamper the manufacturing process. The very first thing is for members from the purchase team  to brief the vendor well in advance as to what their requirements will be and if anything extra is required. If there is a pool of vendors the purchaser can ask for further information. This will also offer an opportunity to scrutinise if the vendor’s products are up to the purchaser’s standards and also whether they meet the regulatory standards set in place by the government.

Garry Ekberg has been part of a vendor management and merger acquisition team and has helped many small and medium size businesses to improve business profitability.

Benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning service

An ideal office environment always has a clean and tidy environment, which makes it a pleasure to work in. It would be really great if every staff member would take extra efforts to maintain a neat and clean work space. Of course that is not always possible therefore it becomes essential to hire a commercial cleaning vendor to carry out the task. To effectively clean an office it takes effort, time and technology something which is not feasible to do on one’s own. That is precisely the reason why many office owners and managers engage the services of janitorial companies.

Whether it is hiring an apartment cleaning service or for your business using a janitorial service has several advantages. Some of the main benefits are as follows:

 Comparatively cost-effective: If you hire your own janitors is will be more expensive. It will involve wages, training, insurance and cleaning equipment etc. Instead by hiring a commercial cleaning service they are only on contract, come with their own equipment and are much more cost-effective then employing your own staff for the job.

Do not have the technology and the expertise: The fact is commercial janitorial companies have access to the best of cleaning technology and green cleaning agents, and have the necessary certifications and training as per industry standards. Generally most employees are owner operators, who purposefully chose the cleaning industry and are well qualified to meet its demands. They have the necessary skills and experience to get the job done thoroughly.

Helps to better focus on work: As a business you would not have the time to perform janitorial duties, when instead you should be concentrating on your work. From cleaning to maintenance all of these tasks should be taken care of by the professional cleaning company you hire.

They offer flexible services:  The benefit of working with a top notch cleaning company like European Maids Cleaning is that they can design a customized cleaning plan for your company’s specific needs. They will have a project manager assigned specifically to the task who will oversee the cleaning staff in your business every day. They also maintain a schedule that is flexible to your needs and are competitively priced.

 Whether you have a midsized or large business the most effective decision you could make is to hire a professional janitorial service. It will prove to be an asset in the long term for your business!

For any apartment or commercial cleaning services in the Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Pinellas county areas call 727-539-7292 or visit europeanmaidscleanin.

Whatsapp for PC

Whatsapp for PC

Whatsapp is usually a messenger application that has come to be very popular not only amongst youngsters but also amongst adults as it tends to make it uncomplicated for people today to chat and continue to keep in touch. Probably the major cause as to why this mobile platform is loved is simply because messages could be exchanged across all working systems and all mobile phones. It’s also a platform that makes use of the normal information strategy for email and searching the internet and hence isn’t going to include any additional expenditures to chat, share video clips and audio messages with good friends and family members. Your Whatsapp for pc status is extremely essential since it simply tells your friends what’s on your mind or your mood. You may really utilize the status to allow folks understand how you’re feeling without having speaking to them. Those in the record of contacts will commonly be checking your status along with your profile photograph and so they for that reason can tell precisely what is going on with your existence. It truly is excellent to have a awesome status, but additionally you must pay out focus to what you are posting, even so absolutely free you will be to submit anything in your profile. Be clear and concise – Quick but clear messages may be beautiful since they are effortless for folks to understand what your feelings are. Short statuses are loved for the reason that they don’t consider substantially time of whoever comes across them. Imagine about everything you wish to say and find a sentence that may summarize it which means you do not end up writing a story. Retain your readers guessing – One more method of reaching a terrific standing will be to retain the standing twisted in such a way that readers are certainly not also sure everything you could be saying.Whatsapp for pc A status sentence which has a deeper that means that is not that effortless to unveil can continue to keep your friends wanting to know everything you could be speaking about or everything you are as much as. You’ll be able to be as artistic when you want to be when creating this kind of a status to help keep the curiosity and suspense of the circle of friends. Use inspirational messages – They are really great since they basically can perform as a motivator to contacts who may very well be feeling reduced or sad about an element of life. You can select sayings that have deep meanings or come up with your personal creation of a message which is bound to inspire other individuals. You may in no way understand how several circumstances you can adjust for many others whenever you choose a meaningful status. Vent but don’t mention any names – Unless of course you are creating a optimistic status dedicated to a person you need to value, steer clear of mentioning names. It’s okay to be mad and angry at someone, but fairly a further if you put it across for everybody else to find out. Find a pleasant method of venting your anger without the need of compromising the identity on the other man or woman. You must actually imagine twice about hurling insults at a particular person employing your standing. It’s great to maintain things civil and come across strategies of settling the situation directly with the person concerned. With all theWhatsapp platform now very popular, you may very easily obtain great Whatsapp status to put on your profile online. You’ll be able to go through the top statuses listed and perhaps include or opt for one to place in your standing or simply appreciate a fantastic read.

Step 6 Juices You Should Be Drinking- acne treatment program

Step 6 Juices You Should Be Drinking- acne treatment program

Step 6 Juices You Should Be Drinking

Drinking fruit juices facilitate to bring vitamins and minerals quickly into your blood wherever they’ll offer.  Learn that juices area unit best for keeping your face away from disease of the skin.

Drinking fruit juices facilitate to bring vitamins and minerals quickly into your blood wherever they’ll offer what’s necessary for disease of the skin free best skincare for adult acne.  Minerals quickly action to skin acids and convey the skin hydrogen ion concentration back to traditional – slightly acidic.

Fresh juices have antibacterial drug action and contain biological process enzymes that assist you digest macromolecule and fat.

Here are units some juices to drink that may keep your face freed from disease of the skin.

Apple juice

Drink a minimum of a pair of glasses of this juice each day. Fruit crush includes a high level of minerals and vitamins that makes it ideal for skin health.

Apricot – berry juice

Mix equal components of apricot and berry juice and add somewhat honey to style.  Drink one cup within the morning.  Place the opposite 2 glasses into a thermos bottle and drink an added glass at midday and one at dinner.

Cherry juice

Cherry juice could be a powerful drink as a result of it’s such a big amount of minerals. It’ll build your body a lot of alkaline by neutralizing acid waste within the blood within the bodily fluid liquid and where it goes. It’ll additionally facilitate keep you regular.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is one in every of the most effective juices you’ll be able to drink for your skin health.  It contains several minerals which is able to eliminate acid waste. juice can facilitate constipation liver disorders cut back mucous secretion accumulation improve digestion cut back infections and facilitate to clear skin disorders like disease of the skin.

One way I exploit juice is to squeeze the juice of 1 lemon into sixteen oz water and drink it throughout the day.


Melon juice is additionally a wonderful drink for disease of the skin. It’s virtually an ideal food in this it’s several vitamins and minerals. It’s most useful with constipation urinary organ disorders and skin disorders.

Orange and grapefruit

Prepare one and half orange and fruit juice employing a hand juicer. The flavor is very tasty. The mixture of those 2 recent fruits can provide you with a strong begin within the morning.

These combined fruits can cleanse your entreat tract facilitate in blood disorders liver disorders respiratory organ disorders and skin infections.

Orange and juice

Mix three components of fruit juice with one half juices.  Add somewhat water and honey and place into a thermos bottle.  Drink the juice all day long for glowing best skincare for adult acne.

Lemon juice helps the skin to rejuvenate and grow new skin.  It helps the skin to break away recent skin and improve the skin’s metabolism.

Other juices to drink

There is a unit several alternative fruit juices to drink.  Here is a unit many a lot of.

  1. Peach juice
  2. Pear juice
  3. Fruit juice
  4. Prune juice
  5. Strawberry juice

Douglas Vermeeren analysis on what can make you rich!

Douglas Vermeeren is genius. He is the man who combines psychology with real life experiences to encourage personal growth and development for people. Other than being a successful motivational speaker, director and author; Douglas is also a researcher. He researches about the lives of people to study the various aspects of human life. These research studies are only his way of being able to understand people better and help others understand their own beings in a better way. This is only his attempt to be able to closely study human life and get one step closer to the beings that surround each other in this world. In this article we will be reviewing the analysis that Douglas presented in regard of what can make you filthy rich!

Long-lasting financial success according to Douglas Vermeeren

When it comes down to talking about ways of getting super rich and successful we all think it is all about the money in our bank accounts. However the approach of Douglas Vermeeren in this regard is very different. For him success and being rich is not about the money you own but rather the money that stays for a long time. As cliché as it might sound, this is what Douglas has to say about being financially stable and filthy rich. Interestingly he points out basic difference between people who are rich and those who are not on basis of his research study.

Difference between the rich and the one who are not!

Douglas in his very capable way points out the basic differences that are notable enough between the people who are rich and those who are not!

Appreciation of money

A petty and lame as this reason might sound; the truth is that this is a basic difference or gap that lies between people who are rich and those who are not. While everybody thinks that they value, respect and appreciate the money they have; such is not the case unfortunately. Appreciation has a way deeper meaning than just being thankful for what you have. It means that you are thankful for what you have and understand the responsibility you have to keep what is yours safe! Handling money with responsibility is what keeps you rich in the long run. While many people would have predicted that there will be other reasons for being rich or not being rich, the truth according to Douglas is that it all comes down to appreciating.

  • Appreciating will prevent overspending

It is one thing being rich and another staying so. However Douglas Vermeeren feels that once you start appreciating the money you have (appreciating in the rightful sense) only the you will be able to prevent yourself from overspending.

  • Understanding Depreciation

The complete opposite of appreciation is depreciation. This means that you are thankful for what you have but have no understanding of your responsibility towards it. In this case t means you will indulge in spending your money assuming it is forever. However since you are not looking after it well, it won’t last forever.


How To Make Waterfall Braided Updo in NO Time

Many girls want to enjoy the fun of both the open hair and braided  updos for long hair simultaneously so the fashon ik brought to you a hair Updo that will give you the insight of both these hairstyles. You will also be able to make your waterfall braid style in no time. But for this, you need just one to two-time practices, as without practice we cannot perform well.

So, here we go with our waterfall style: for this, you just need hairpins, rubber band, brush, comb and hairspray. It’s so simple and easy to do. You are just required to read it thoroughly.

So let’s start:

–    Take the wide part of the hair on the right side and then make a divide heavy on the right side.

–    Now take three strand or layers, pull the back strand and twist it over the middle one and similarly take the front strand and twist it over the middle one besides taking one strand extra from the section of the hair and then make it free to lie.

–    Now move forward and do the same, take the layer and keep it free lie down.

–    Come on the third step and now make it the same as the previous one.

–    Approximately five to seven steps of the braid will be made likewise and in the end, you will be required to secure the braid by using the rubber band.

–    Now make all the hair and the strands lying like waterfall comb once and then do hairspray on this braid.

Now you are ready to go anywhere you want. This waterfall braid will give you the amazing look. It is the only style which braided cum open, otherwise in all other braids we face the bound hair.

Dress for which waterfall Updo will be suitable?

Any dress will suit this hairstyle. There is no boundary to restrict you to not make this hairstyle. You can take it on jeans you can it on skirts and also you can take on other fashionable outfits without any fear. Waterfall braid excellently covers the hair which is thin in nature, girls who have no volume in their hair can resort to this style. In any wedding or in any party you can formulate it easily and within no time.

What if you have rough and curly hairs and you want to make this style?

So, the females with curly and rough hair should do something to make their hair smooth and straight. This waterfall braid cannot be made in curly hairs. It will lose its shape and charm. Hence, you need to first wash and conditioned your hair and then you can use an electric straightener to make your hair straight. But here I would advise you to use a good company hair gel to protect your hair from the heat of that instrument.

Conclusively, this waterfall hairstyle is not complicated and anyone who is the admirer of the change will love to have it. Visit http://fashonik.com for more tutorials.