Tips for Dressing Your Baby

Every parent needs to dress their babies appropriately so that they can stay warm. What is also important, is that we want them to look cute at the same time. A good way to make your babies looks cute is to buy a few interesting pieces of clothes from a baby clothing store before you give birth. Dressing your baby boy in sports clothes or your little girl in a cute dress is always a winning combination and you can never go wrong with that.

Dressing your baby may seem more challenging than it really is. In fact, it is the easiest and most fun experience that parents will ever have.

In case you have trouble dressing your baby in a bit tight clothes, use the following trick:

Powder your baby before you put their clothes on. This procedure will facilitate your work, and your baby will be more comfortable. One of the most difficult task that parents face with, is trying to dress them in a blouse, since the baby cannot slip their small cute hands through the sleeves, so you’ll have to do it for them. The first few times might be rough. The most important thing is that you have to hold the baby’s head as you gently put the blouse on.

How to dress your baby for sleep

When you dress the baby for sleep, you must do it in such a way that the baby is neither too hot nor too cold. The room temperature must be taken into account.

Newborns have no ability to regulate their body temperature and they can easily get cold. That is why it is important to dress them appropriately, but be very careful not to put too many clothes on them. Babies that are too hot can get hives, especially around the neck. They can also get redness on the face and start crying. You will eliminate that problem simply by removing a few layers of clothing. If the baby is too cold, note that they will tremble and cry. Their hands, nose and feet will be cold. If your baby is too cold, lye next to them to heat them up, and then make sure you dress them appropriately.

How to dress your baby for winter

With babies that are born in winter parents should be a little more cautious and you should wait one month until you can go out with your baby. The amount of time of staying outside should be gradually increased from day to day in order to allow the baby to get used to breathing fresh air. Low temperatures are not an obstacle for a walk, until the temperature drops below -10 degrees Celsius. The only obstacles in the winter are the wind, rain and snow. Since the warmest period in winter days is noon, try to synchronize the biorhythm of the baby and take short walks every day around noon. Walks with mom and dad, or grandparents improve the general condition of the child, because the fresh air affects appetite, sleep, mood, and resistance to infections. By walking the baby learns more about sounds, objects, environment, meets the outside world and the world meets her/ him.

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